It's all in the mix

Being a Creole, always blending different music genres in order to create a unique sound, Jimmy Klimsop lives up to his nickname: "JIMIX".
As a result of his latest creative experiment together with his gifted band members, Club-Rock music was born.
Clubrock is a mix of dance- and electronic rock- music. The songs are based on catchy melodies. JIMIX's live performance expresses charismatic energy, fun and healthy insanity.

JIMIX's musicians are an harmonious bunch of personalities.

- The mysterious, Shailendra "Shai" Boehlai is the band's synthesizer guru.

- On background and lead vocals is the extraordinary Kima, with her harmonizing and healing    powers.

- Acoustic drums as well as digital percussion are played by Fabian Michaelis.

- Christophe Linder is responsible for the tasteful guitarsounds

This collective generates a joyous celebration on stage.
Captivating and powerful, JIMIX will entertain you with unforgettable songs and floor filling vibes.